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Viral Submitter PRO Review

Written on March 10, 2010 – 5:47 am | by Vita Vee |

PAGE UPDATED: I'm not recommending Viral Submitter PRO in any way.

You should have a look at my Link Builder PRO Review instead.

Backlinks are so popular because they make you money. There is a direct correlation between the amount of traffic your site receives and its placement in the search engines; more traffic means more money that your site will produce. Backlink services are in such high demand because people understand the power that backlinks have on your ranking. People buy backlinks from high pagerank sites all of the time and it does work at improving their ranking. For those who don’t have the money to pay for these types of backlinks, you can get them on your own. Getting backlinks at no cost, just by sheer hard work is the easiest and the most ethical ways to increase your Google Pagerank. There are limitless places to add a backlink to but you want to focus on the hundreds of authority sites that are relevant to your own so you can place a backlink there and enjoy the benefits of having a high pagerank site linking to you.

The type of links that are available for free takes a lot of time to get so many SEO companies don’t include them in their strategy. So, that means that the up-and-comers have plenty of space to maneuver with less competiton. Even though the competition is lower, there is still the danger of wasting time by adding links to places that can’t help your site. There are lots of backlinks that seem to be valuable but are actually worthless to you. So, avoid these common mistakes that follow so you can catapult your site to the first page.

This is actually a very silly mistake that many make: getting quality links but with irrelevant anchor text. Always use a keyword that is relevant to your site when using anchor text with your backlink; so many link builders use completely useless words, in terms of SEO, such as, “Buy Now” or “Click Here” when sending people to their site. From now on, you know to use anchor text in a way that includes your keywords in the backlink that people will be clicking on to get to your site. By not using this simple technique you will devalue your backlinks.

Furthermore, you should never link to any sites that has a bad reputation because it will carry over to your site.

When you're linking to these sites, technically you're telling Google that you recommend them, which results in a penalty coming your way. This is the simple reason that you should check the destination of your links before including them to your site.

Linking to a site with a bad reputation a bad reputation is not a good idea no matter what you are offered; in the end you will lose and your site will be become frowned upon by the search engines.

When looking for sites to build a one way backlink on you want it to be relevant and to have a high pagerank. Your best bet is always to treat link building time and respect so that your site will raise in the search engines and stay there. Stop taking short-cuts all of the time and learn to build something that lasts. Unless you want your income to suddenly dry up and leaving you desperate for the next get-rich-quick thing then I suggest that you stick to ethical practices. When building links remember that your site's reputation is on stake in case you keep repeating a mistake again and again. What are you waiting on? – Go build some quality links.

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