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Keyword Elite 2.0 Bonus

Written on August 13, 2009 – 6:54 am | by Vita Vee |

This page is a Keyword Elite 2 Bonus Offer. Click Below if you're looking for:

But honestly, you should read this page until the end if you don't want to get crushed by those who will (Yes – The other Keyword Elite 2 users will get crushed by my customers thanks to my bonus package below).

Available Only From This Site

Learn how to use the Powerful JV Diamond Miner module with Affiliate Marketing. As I wrote in my review, this module has been designed with product vendors in mind. But what about you? Do you have a product of your own that you can sell? If you said NO, then this sneaky, yet 100% legal, ethical and white hat strategy is for you! Let me show you the ONLY way to use the JV Diamond Miner module with Affiliate Marketing – Newbies friendly!

Do you plan to use Keyword Elite 2 for bum marketing (article marketing)? Then this secret strategy is for you: INSTANTLY uncover the current HOTTEST article topics that are being read thousands of times in a few days only. PLUS find which high volume and low competition keywords are driving traffic to those articles right now. You will never have to ask yourself anymore what niche you should enter!

Finding great keywords with Keyword Elite 2 is good… But then, once you have found buyer keywords, how do you use them to drive traffic to your affiliate offers or to your websites? Yes you could use Google Adwords – But what about FREE traffic?

Introducing… The Social Traffic Video Series

Social Traffic Videos

One of the hottest tactics in internet marketing right now is social marketing. Armed with the right knowledge, some marketers are cashing in big time, but those who aren't in the know are sitting on the sidelines wondering why they've been left behind!

This video series introduces you to Eighteen Web 2.0 sites that are virgin territory to many marketers. Get a jump on your competition, find new niches, and of course, generate tons of sales and traffic! Learn how to master social marketing and turn 2.0 websites into massive sources of traffic and profit for your online empire!

Social Traffic Videos

With these videos you can:


  • Generate tons of traffic from sources you aren’t exploiting yet!
  • Get targeted traffic from presold sources, not just "junk" traffic
  • Build links and Page Rank for your sites
  • Find new niches and thousands of new customers for your existing ones…

Getting accepted by CPA networks has become very difficult, especially for newbies but not only – Finding hot CPA offers with the CPA Magnet module of Keyword Elite 2 is great but if you can't get accepted by the CPA networks running those offers why even bother to use this module? Get my CPA Cash Course for FREE and learn how to get accepted by any CPA network.

CPA Cash

Here are just a few of the many elements to the CPA Cash course that are revealed:

Introduction To CPA, getting to know the fundamentals and basics of how this all works and how you can begin profiting immediately.

Tried and tested methods of getting accepted into any CPA network. It's going to be important to get approved and I show you a fool-proof method that will get you accepted into any network.

With hundreds of offers available, learn how to select the right CPA offers that truly convert.

Creating sites that make tons of CPA cash. You'll learn how you can create websites that will convert your visitors into CPA income. Just follow the guide!

Article marketing for profits, how you can take simple articles and turn them into a CPA goldmine that makes you money month after month with little to no effort involved.

Secret technique that can be used to convert visitors to your site into buyers. This technique alone can make you thousands of dollars per month, if you implement it exactly as outlined in this course…

All of The Above is Part of My
Keyword Elite 2
Supreme Edition Package

But We're Not Done Yet…Not Even Close!
Look At Those Other Exciting Bonuses You Will Get When You Purchase From My Link…

Keyword Elite 2 – Bonus #2

Niche Report 3Mastering

Pay per click internet marketing: A brief explanation

PPC or pay per click is the most common term used for this kind of online marketing. Another terminology used for this type of marketing is pay per click or PPC marketing. If you are a newbie who is unaware about the basic concept behind this kind of marketing, here is an introduction of the concept. Pay per click marketing describes the truth that every day number of online searches is made because individuals hunt for information, service and products and other necessary text on the internet world. On result pages of free search engine directories, like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more, most results of these searches comes in view. (These 3 networks are supported by Keyword Elite 2) Besides, you can also locate the results on web pages on other websites, in small sections from trop to bottom.

These small sections are termed as sponsored ad areas, where you can observe how people uses pay per click ads to make them visible to the searches from across the globe. The reason for creating PPC ads is that the advertisers can make their ads visible to the searchers who are looking for same keywords. If the searcher clicks on the ad and reach the website of the advertisers, they pay for their ad campaign. No matter, whether the ad is on the result pages of the search engine or on specific website page. Generally PPC advertisers initially bid certain amount to place their ad in the sponsored advertisements section. This is keyword-based bid wherein the keywords are as per the offerings.

Some Pay Per Click Resources:

At times, the bigger the bid, the better will be the placement of the ad in sponsored ads area, or it may also appear on the result page of search engine. The advertisers who use this PPC technique have to just pay the amount bided when the searchers click on the advertisements and reach a particular webpage or website to find information or to know about product, service, or other offerings. Good PPC advertising campaign take into account science as well. Hence, before you make keyword bid, you need to learn about the concept and the way it functions.

Keywords are highly important as they will decide whether your ad campaign will be successful or not. Every PPC advertiser has a target to achieve excellent search engine at minimal price. Many advertisers accomplish their goal by frequently changing their ad campaign, which includes changing their advertisements, their sites and the amount of their bid to maintain good conversion rate. If you show willingness to change and customize your ad campaign, you will achieve good success. After you learn the pros and cons of PPC internet marketing, you can increase your possibility of success. Indeed, with this type of internet marketing, you can earn profit from the first day and in few minutes if you follow the steps correctly. The new Keyword Elite 2 has several modules related to PPC.

You have probably heard about Google Cash Detective.

If not, Google Cash Detective is a software from Chris Carpenter.

This is in fact the most powerful Pay Per Click spying software in the World! Nothing less :) But it's also the most expensive one. If you want to get access to its powerful features you will have to pay $1,997.

A few months ago I subscribed to this service and it has helped me to make huge profits very quickly.

For those who purchase Keyword Elite 2 from this page I'm giving 20 PDF reports that I have personally compiled using Google Cash Detective.

Thanks to these reports you will discover many excellent niche markets and PPC campaigns. I have used my best strategies to spy on some super affiliates and extract this data. I guarantee that I have prepared those reports exactly like if I did it for myself.

In these 20 PDF Reports I have prepared for you, you will find all the details you need to create your Pay Per Click Campaigns right now:

10 Reports of Profitable Direct Linking Campaigns with information about the Affiliate Program, the keywords used by the smart advertiser, the ads he used on Google, the position of his ads, the average cost per click for each keyword, the number of searches per month for each keyword, for how much time the advertiser is bidding on these keywords, their profitability index etc… Some people would pay a lot to get this information! You get it FREE!

10 Reports of Profitable Campaings from Super Affiliates using landing pages – You get the same information as above PLUS the link to the exact landing page the super affiliate is using – So you see exactly how he presells his visitors and makes them BUY from his affiliate link. You will not only be able to use his own research and work to create similar campaigns but you will also learn a lot in the process! Look at how the super affiliates make money, learn from them and replicate it in your own campaigns.

In those PDF reports you will get everything you need:

  • The merchant's page URL for direct linking campaigns
  • The affiliate landing page URL for landing page campaigns
  • How to signup to the affiliate program
  • How much money do you earn per sale
  • My own comments if any
  • And all the keyword intelligence date with the ads etc…

Below you can see 2 screenshots showing how those reports look like:

Niche Report 4 Niche Report 5

Keyword Elite 2 – Bonus #3

Most people don't know how to create winning direct linking campaigns in 2009. It's much more difficult today than it was a few years ago. To profit from the Direct Linking campaigns I'm giving in the bonus above (Keyword Elite Bonus #2), you have to know how to do direct linking the right way. If you don't do it this way you won't be able to beat the other direct linking affiliates in today's very competitive PPC environment.

This is why my Bonus #3 is VITAL.

In this bonus I will show you how I do direct linking and this is exactly how you MUST do it yourself in 2009 and beyond if you want to avoid the 2x ad serving penalty from Google Adwords.

Look below : These are some screenshots of my very special Direct Linking videos:

directlinking1 directlinking2
directlinking3 directlinking4

Here is what some of my students are saying about these videos:

Great vids..makes perfectly sense!

Very exciting stuff!!!
Can't wait to see the other videos!

Just watched the videos and I really thought I saw where you were going…
But when you got to the part about how you XXX XXX (Note from Vita Vee – You have to see the videos to know what he was talking about), I got a bit skeptical.
I watched the video and it does look like it works. And of course, you must have had some success with it because it's what you chose to show.
I guess I've just got my developer hat on and I'm stymied by how that would even work.
I will go try it, though!

Thanks for showing us that. I'll put it to good use straight away!

Excellent videos Vita!
Great technique! This way one can use SEO as well as PPC for even more traffic. Exciting stuff!

Wow, Vita, this is some good heavy stuff!!!

Keyword Elite 2 – Bonus #4

A very powerful secret (and blackhat) technique known by a select few only.

In this video I will show you a way to INSTANTLY get extremely high quality score for any adwords campaign, for any keyword and any landing page (or direct linking campaign) even if you bid on keywords that are 100% NOT RELATED to your landing page!

I have recorded a video where I create a campaign for an aloe vera website. But instead of bidding on keywords related to Aloe Vera I bid on jewelry keywords! As you see this is 100% UNRELATED! But thanks to this powerful secret I manage to get an excellent quality score from Google Adwords (9/10) and with this quality score I keep my bids low.


With this technique you are assured to pay MUCH LESS per click than what you would have to pay without it.

What's more? You can apply this technique to any of your current adwords campaigns in less than a few seconds!

This Bonus Package is SERIOUSLY Limited! I think you understand Why.

To Claim Your Bonuses Follow These Easy Steps:

STEP 1 – Purchase Keyword Elite 2 From THIS LINK.

STEP 2 – To ensure that you get your bonuses, look for the affiliate nickname vitavee at the bottom of the ClickBank payment page.

Once you have purchased the product you'll automatically receive an email from me (within a few hours of your purchase) with download instructions for your bonus products.

If for any reason you haven't received that email by the end of today, simply use the Contact link at the bottom of this page to send me your ClickBank receipt and I'll fix you up with links for those bonuses


Legal Notice:

1) My bonus offer above is NOT the responsibility of ClickBank or of the seller of the primary product.

2) ClickBank will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of my bonus package. My bonus package is not for sale, it is offered as is to people who purchase the primary product through my link.

3) If you have any issue regarding bonus delivery, bonus functionality or bonus quality use this form to contact me.


Other Resources:


There are certain people carrying on business online who are not happy with the results and the reason behind it is bad way of practicing internet marketing and not understanding the basic concept, but their efforts where never less.Due to this the average business person has experienced failure in the business market.They give an introduction to different ways you can promote your business online, but they only go that far and stop.You will not be provided with detailed information on how to twist different techniques to make them effective and what steps to take if they are ineffective.

The only key to internet marketing is check and makes alterations when required.Many online marketing information sources tell you to use different promotional strategies.The different ways that can be used for promoting your company, product and services to your audiences are pay per click marketing, joint venture, traditional ads, search engine optimization and many more.By now you might be clear on all the different methods of marketing.Some people think that this much of information is enough and quickly begin by investing huge money on pay per click marketing or other costliest promotion techniques.The profit which you will make by this type of techniques will be equivalent to the money that you have spent and further you will also have to spend more.But this is not the case all the time.

Many people at one time invest in many marketing techniques believing that it will help them to earn good but then this is not the case as they end up with small revenue out of it and do not have much to try it out again.Even though many expert opinion says that investing in pay per click can be advantageous for your business and there is nothing wrong in it but then the fact is that it is not good for every business.And it’s hardly effective internet marketing to start out with pay-per-click spending.The area where most people fail is when they do not keep an eye on the responses related to your present internet marketing.Internet marketing that is efficient does not involve getting it done once and then left it that it can work to earn good profit.Instead it is an ongoing process which needs regular updating to achieve good success.This process does not require investing more money and at times you can do it without investing anything.

To begin with, start with the minimum investment marketing method.You can adopt article marketing or filing a blog that contains content with proper keywords will help you to drag the attention of your audience as well as get you high ranking for search engine.One of the options to optimize your web content is getting it done from a professional.Before investing on expensive marketing like pay per click observe which keywords, blogs and articles are working best for you from your audiences.After researching other marketing method, make your pay per click campaign and invest your money in it.You are required to examine regularly as keywords can change within one day and so alterations are required to be made. I think there is no real secret in online marketing nowadays but the free report given during the prelaunch of Keyword Elite 2 taught me at least one, and it is all feasible thanks to the new JV Diamond Miner module.

Are you interested in selling products online?Products to be sold online are not a difficult task.It is not necessary to make your own product to sell it online.Affiliate marketing is one way where others online products are sold by you.You are the middleman in between the buyer and the seller in affiliate marketing.Pre-selling products and delivering it to the buyers at the home page of the sellers is your major job.

Selling products in advance is an art that everyone does not have.Due to the continuous advertisements done online it will make you feel that your just suppose to sell your products at any cost.You initially begin with providing good experiences of users to your audiences and then ending up with providing suggestions to those that have come to believe you.Take for instance, you if you want your visitors to purchase the ebook on planning a budgetary wedding, writing a blog about your own wedding is a good way to start.Things like problems caused due to mother in law interfering in some things or getting onto a diet to fit inside the wedding attire and also the cancellation of the caterer can be included in the Blog that you write.Don’t forget to praise about the ebook that has helped you plan your wedding budget on timely basis.

Include a link to the wedding book with your affiliate code embedded into it (You can find products to promote easily with the CPA Magnet module of Keyword Elite). One more way through which you sell is by providing free report in return of their email address.You can put affiliate links for 5 or so products in the report.You can go on promoting products once you get their email address.This can be done in two ways.One of the ways is you can provide them with emails giving useful advice and put an unnoticeable link to an affiliate item in the last part.The second way is you can send advertisements individually to them on timely basis.One thing that you need to consider here is that you need just think about selling in email marketing.

Conveying a continuous good value to the customers is very essentially.Selling products online increases the chances of the type of products available.

*You can have a look at key networks like shareasale, linkshare and commission junction for physical products and for digital products you can have a look at clickbank.

*One more way is to search in the huge stores wherein they provide number of products like Amazon and Wallmart, you can also get direct access to the accounts.

The best way is to type the phrase "affiliate products" with keywords into search engine.For example you can write "Debt Relief" as keyword along with "Affiliate Program" and you will get more than 90,000 results.Majority of these in the debt relief niche are affiliate programs.So start selling products from now with the help of affiliate marketing strategies. Keyword Elite 2 is great for affiliate marketers but also for product vendors.

Building up online marketing skills can help to improve sales of business and also help to earn more money. When it comes to online business, it is not easy to prove yourself better than your competitors. There can be possibilities when you have to face competition for your product or services, in front of hundreds or thousands of marketers. In order to increase the sale of your product and service, you need to make use of those strategies that convinces your clients. You should set yourself apart from the competition; continuously attract new customers and retain current clients. Is the type of product and service you intend to provide your target audience is know to you?.

Whatever product or services you offer, it is important to maintain quality. If you want to meet your business goals it becomes very important to provide highest quality of products to your customers. Look what you are providing your customers and then create your online strategy in such a way that it will help you to target potential customers.

The customers won’t come to you if you do not find out proper ways to reach them. You can easily find ways to target your potential clients by identifying them and then looking specifically at ways to utilize the internet to get the information about your products and services to them. While marketing your product or services to attract potential customers, it is essential for you to explain them the difference between product offered by you and your competitors. For instance, if you have five other competitors selling same kind of product or services, then it is essential for you to explain the customers why they should select your product or services. Make sure that you offer a great deal to your customers when compared to your competitors, this will make them to come towards you. It is possible to attract and maintain your target audience by offering free goodies, extensive support and much more.

To achieve your business goal, you should be able to constantly appeal your audiences and preserve the present clients. Word of mouth advertising will be able to attract customers, but you cannot totally rely on it. You need to continuously find new ways to reach additional shares of the marketplace. You can retain your old clients if you continuously update your products and services. (Make Money Online)

You need to have to offer other products related to yours if you are only offering a one time use type of product or enhance its offering. Ensure that you provide your previous customers with new things and show them how important they are to you and remind them about the valuable product and service that you have offered them previously. If you plan your online marketing strategy you can reach the objectives which you had set for your business. In your strategy, think to use Keyword Elite 2 ;)

Frequently people think that article marketing is the innovative method carrying out internet marketing, however this is not the way things actually work. Article marketing cannot be completely replaced over any other form of marketing as it is just one aspect of internet marketing. Article marketing is considered to be only a part of the solution because the absolute solution is internet marketing which includes numerous types of marketing instead of only including one aspect of internet marketing. Making money online requires certain type of internet marketing which includes affiliate marketing, Ad revenue, article marketing, etc and among this article marketing is considered to be more prominent.

Want to gain more traffic and earn more income? If yes, then to bring results use various types of marketing techniques. The reason why article marketing is preferred because it can actually provide some excellent results and most important thing is, it is very cost effective or you can even say process can be done completely free. If you have a professional website and want to make it more effective then article marketing can help you, as your content in an article is more over based on keywords. Article marketing can be very beneficial if you are sincerely looking forward for marketing your website and attracting traffic to your website.

Do you know what exactly you need to do in article marketing, you only need to write the informative and keyword driven articles and then submitting it to the various article submission directories so that websites can pick it and that the search engines will find them which will in turn gather traffic to read your content, thus get to your website through the link.

Article marketing is a simple and affordable process which can reward you with more traffic on your website. After you are done with the submission of the articles to the directories, the process of attracting the traffic is started as people who read the article follow the link written in the resource box or in signature part of the article. Article marketing is a successful way which can help you to popularize on a specific niche if you provide quality articles, this will make people to attain trust on you and this will make them follow the link and visit you website for detailed information. Article marketing is a powerful tool which can boost your internet marketing campaign, then this can really help you attain more visitors to your website which can therefore allow you to earn money through opt-in-sign ups and through any other ways. (Affiliate Resources)

Once you have completed the procedure of internet marketing you will definitely get some positive results and this the way through which you can save money, drive more traffic, build authority, create one way link, etc from the sources of internet. Article marketers are going to love the bum marketing strategy I'm offering in my Keyword Elite 2 Bonus Package.

When it comes to marketing your small corporation, you would undoubtedly take the advantages of different methods of internet advertising that are available online. Search engine optimization, email newsletter, pay per click ads, website ads are all included in these forms of internet advertising. The process through which you can make your website visible to the search engines is search engine optimization. The spiders propelled by these search engines would scan your webpage for appropriate keywords and this information is later use to improve the ranking of your webpage on their result directories.

It is not easy to attain search engine optimization properly. It is necessary for you to present the content on your site that has better usage of keywords. Though good usage of keywords can help you to obtain high ranking, you should not make the mistake of repeating the same keyword too many times as it can get you banned. The key words should be appropriately used in your webpage title tag, in the headings and should be correctly used in the main paragraphs.

Online newsletters used every month are another most well-known and win-win method of internet advertising. Your job is, when you receive the email addresses of the visitors you should send them free monthly newsletters. In this way you can easily promote your business as you are continuously in touch with the same visitor. With a free newsletter every month, your visitors get an opportunity to avail the benefits of your services.
The major advantage of this method is that you can drag huge number of visitors to register for your newsletter.

Remember that the monthly email send by you should be professionally written and should be of good quality. You can appoint a professional writer to write the email on your behalf, if you lack writing skills. Major search engines like Google provides pay per click advertising which are considered as the best method of marketing your business. They perform in a straight forward manner. Depending upon the keywords you offer them, they will place your advertisement on the search results that are related to your website. You would have to pay small amount, may be few cents or dollars, when a visitor makes a click on any of your advertisement. (Affiliate Marketing)

Generally the fee is according to the usage of the keywords and how they highlight your advertisement. With this method, there is no fret of being extensively charged as you initially specify your monthly financial plan and when that is finished your advertisement will not appear from the consecutive monthly. The last and important online advertising method is website advertising. Many sites offer content ad space on their websites and functions independently.

Some websites provide expensive ad space that can only be affordable by bigger companies while some provides cheaper ad space. It is important to choose a site that is related to the business you are advertising on that site when it comes to online advertising. Your website would work much beyond your imagination when you test methods of internet advertising. One way to advertise is on websites displaying adsense ads. Keyword Elite 2 makes this easier thanks to the new Site Targeter module.

Media should consider various factors related to social groups before deciding what and how to promote. Depending on the type of market condition media uses diverse techniques to show the impact of their promotional activity. (Clickbank for Affiliate Marketing)

In any situation, an intelligent marketing person will definitely take the advantage of it. They will certainly gain results by making it to the path of success.

It is important for people to know what marketer is actually trying to put forward in front of them then whether it may be on-line or off-line marketer.

There must be some kind of thrill or excitement in the style of promotion, as it matters a lot for the product to be successful. When your product or service is new in market, it is not so easy to grab the attention of public and so marketing demands lot of hard work. You would say that there is something unique or out of the world in your product or service. But only if you convince people to purchase your product by displaying your uniqueness, you ll be successful.

There is also an alternative rather than preaching and promoting your product. Leave the job of creating excitement to the larger mediums.

In order to create impact on various social groups, it is important to have an efficient marketing strategy. If you are lucky enough, you don t have to put in more efforts to promote for your product as the product which you are offering may already be in demand among various social groups.

It is important for you to think something which is very imaginative and which can relate to the social groups in a better way. Once you get an idea what can be linked with social groups then you can accordingly plan your marketing strategy. Before planning any of the promotional activity, you have to do research work so that you can know what the hot trend is going on in the market. Try to learn what kind of topic is coming regularly in news and related t6o what kind of topic chitchat is done among various social groups.

What kind of things is admired by the people? Mostly you will find something to relate to the services that you are going to offer.

During certain events it is good to look select the products or services after looking at the media prospects. Select something which is amazing and which can create lot of eagerness among people. After watching at the trend you can come to know what kind of things are gaining more attention and what is more appealing in the market. Learn to take advantage of the favorable situation.

You will try your level best to achieve success while marketing your product but you may end up with a little results, if you try to do it all alone.

Larger waves lead to tsunami, similarly using larger media outlet by targeting various social groups and applying marketing strategies can help you to gain huge benefits like tsunami.

Benefit Of An Internet Marketing Forum

The wonders of Internet are many. It won't be surprising if everything that human beings have ever known, eventually finds its way onto the Internet. Alas the Internet is also home to a lot of outrageously incorrect and deliberately misleading information. Having a plethora of sites at your disposal for reading articles is great and useful, but in time you will feel the need for someone on the Internet who can actually address the questions that you have in mind.

By signing up for an Internet marketing forum, you can get answers to all your questions free of cost. For a novice, a website or area of a website, which allows members to post information and have discussions on common topics, is called an Internet forum.

In essence, these forums are public and the content is available to all the members. Forums are broadly structured by topics.. Individual members create topics within each broad category. One member starts a 'thread' by making a statement, or more often than not, asking a question. One of the members responds to the question and another responds to the response, etc. This can continue for quite a few pages.

Valuable information can be gained this way. Getting complete nonsense on a forum is also possible and the realization that almost every wing nut on the planet has entr?©e to the net along with a liking for forums takes very little time. It is possible that some of these wing nuts turn out to be exceedingly argumentative.

The good thing is that most forums are moderated. Sites hire a referee to ensure that members do not abuse each other. Depending on the site's policy the referee can also perform the task of keeping members on topic. There is no doubt that an Internet marketing forum is a forum committed to marketing goods and services over the net.

Such forums enable you to interact directly with other Internet marketers, and would-be net marketers, getting answers to your questions and in turn, perhaps answering some of theirs. It is quite possible that you will be able to market your goods and services by going on the forum and find someone who needs what you want to sell.

BTW you can find a keyword elite forum on Brad Callen's site.

Another benefit from net forums is that they tend to be populated by regular members. As time passes the sense of community becomes stronger as regular members become familiar with each other. It can be of significant value and motivation to anyone who is trying to sell a product or service over the Internet. Irrespective of the fact that marketing over the Internet includes reaching out to potential customers as well as providing goods or services to existing customers, you may still end up feeling lonely. An informal environment where you can talk shop with compatible people is always welcome.

Got a question about Internet marketing? Just starting out and have a lot to learn? Or maybe you have a lot of experience and want to share? Join an Internet marketing forum. Not only can you do all that but you might just find that you enjoy being part of a net community of like minded people

SEO Elite is a software developped by Brad Callen's company. They are the creators of Keyword Elite. Seo Elite goal is to help webmasters to get high search engine rankings. Read below to learn more about search engine rankings.

An overview about keyword search engine ranking

In order to make the best of keyword search engine ranking tool, you must first understand how the tool functions.Things such as bots and spiders are used by search engines to make a web survey on how their database is operating.These tools trip to every site to gather data which is then put in the search engine index.If the visitors arrive at search engine to make any search, the search engine will make use of the collected data to present the suitable search in front of the visitor.

Depending upon the phrased placed in the search and how competent is the website in fulfilling the needs of the visitors; the search engine will rank the site.The search engine spiders use the most known way of collecting information and that is to search the keywords that relatable with the visitor’s searches.The word most prominently used on the pages of the website is the keyword.Bots, the search engine tool, can get an idea about the content of the webpage through specific words and phrases used in it and preserves this information so that it can be used to make searches.Better results can be expected by putting efforts on using keyword search engine ranking effectively.Most webmasters and authors make use of Meta tags so that the search engine tool, bots, can find related details on your webpages.The bots will not have to put efforts on presuming and understanding the webpage and the search engine will get a clear idea regarding what the webpage is all about.

This ensures that visitors will reach to your website and are searching for information that your website can provide.You can make maximum from the Meta tags with appropriately SEO method and you can also find out which words and phrases in your web content can help you to achieve maximum visibility amongst the search engines and how you can boost up your ranking.For all websites attracting traffic towards the website is very significant.Various advertising methods can be used for driving good traffic but nothing works best than website search engine optimized as it helps to gain ample of traffic as compare to any advertising methods.

You need to gather a wide range of keywords that helps to drive good traffic for your website if you make the maximum use of it.Rather than brainstorming, you can make use of many free keyword search tools online to find the list of pertinent keywords which you can use in your web content.These keyword search engine ranking tools gather information from the search engines to figure out which keywords and phrases are used by visitors to find out what you are providing them.You can also know how much competition is there for a specific keyword through these tools.It is possible that you have used all the strategies and figure out all the necessary keywords used by the people who are interest in your offering, but if the market is already flooded, your efforts may go waste.

Even when there are ample of keywords you can use for your website, there is huge competition to get on top for the relevant keyword usage.You can be better assisted by a good keyword tool.Apart from this, you can use many other methods to enhance your websites’ keyword search engine ranking.The search engine ranking of your website will surely increase, if you collect all the necessary information about appropriate keywords, properly use them in your site, and understand how search tools can be use effectively. SEO Elite is now given for free to those who purchase Keyword Elite 2.

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  4. By Al Kassim on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    Will I get to keep the SEO Elite which comes with the Search Marketing Elite membership club's FREE 30 day trial if I decided to cancel before the 30 day trial period is up?

    By the way great review, great product and great bonus.. kind of give me hope!

    Al K.

  5. By Ernie on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita, I have Keyword elite 1 can I use the coupon code with your link to take advantage of the bonuses?

  6. By Vita Vee on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Ernie,

    Sure no problem with this.

    Talk soon,

  7. By Jools Tammer on Oct 30, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Vita,

    That's a GREAT review you put up! — and as a Market Samurai fan myself, I must confess I am sold..

    I'm definitely buying KE! (through your affiliate link bien sure :)


  8. By Vita Vee on Oct 30, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Jools,

    Thanks :)
    I have received your receipt and sent you the KE2 Extreme Edition bonus package.

    Talk soon,
    Vita Vee

  9. By Sakana on Oct 31, 2009 | Reply

    Hi VV,

    Do I get access to your private forum if I purchase this from you?

  10. By Vita Vee on Oct 31, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Sakana,

    Yes if you purchase from my bonus page you will get access to this section:

    • [PRIVATE] Keyword and Market Research Super Power


  11. By Jes on Nov 17, 2009 | Reply


    I just read your great review of Keyword Elite! Your addon package is too good to resist, and I have ordered Keyword Elite through your link! I have submitted my receipt through your form.

    - Jes

  12. By Vita Vee on Nov 17, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Jes,

    Thanks, glad you like it ;)
    I have received your receipt and sent you the access details a few seconds ago.

    Talk soon
    Vita Vee

  13. By Jon Wright on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Outstanding review and I will be purchasing through your site before long. I was borderline but not any more. Thanks for your efforts.

  14. By Vita Vee on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks a lot Jon.

    I'm also giving some training on how to use KE2 effectively, hope you will find it useful ;)

  15. By Matts on Dec 1, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Vita,

    I just Did Purchase KE2 thru you and your bonus link. I can´t wait to get access to your bonuses they look very solid. :) I hope you Give me access to your splendid forum as well :)


  16. By Vita Vee on Dec 1, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Matts,

    Thanks a lot, I have just sent you the access details ;)

    If you have any question about my video training or about KE2, don't hesitate to post in my private forum.

    Talk soon,
    Vita Vee

  17. By johan on Jan 18, 2010 | Reply

    is the KE2 still in beta? I did a research and found "beta" in its logo in somewhere else's review.

  18. By Vita Vee on Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Johan

    No it's not in beta phase anymore. The other site probably got access to KE2 before the official release like myself.


  19. By Hendarin Riandi on Apr 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    Your bonuses are too good to decline, eventhough I am a clickbank's affiliate for quite sometimes, and I can bought KE 2.0 using my affiliate ID (save $48), but I think your bonuses worth way over $48.

    I've watched so many videos that you've made and all are very good quality.

    I really eager to receive my bonuses ASAP

    best regards

  20. By Vita Vee on Apr 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Hendarin,

    I have just sent you the bonus access details.
    Thanks for your purchase via my affiliate link, that's really appreciated ;)

    Kind Regards

  21. By Sean on Sep 3, 2010 | Reply

    Thank you so much for the previous review with tons of screenshots. YOu just saved me $149 from Market Samuri.. I knew it was missing something.

    Incredible offers, lookforward to utlizing all of it if I can assimilate it all! :0


  22. By Vita Vee on Sep 4, 2010 | Reply

    You're welcome Sean.

  23. By Yoshinori Yoshikawa on Aug 21, 2011 | Reply


    Purchased the KeywordElite through your link above. Looked at all the videos and for sure KeywordElite is a lot better than Market Samurai and a lot faster to understand than Bring the Fresh.

    I lookforward to receiving the items you listed above in my email inbox as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    Yoshinori Yoshikawa
    Tokyo, Japan

  24. By Vita Vee on Aug 21, 2011 | Reply

    Hi Yoshinori Yoshikawa

    I just sent you the access details.

    Thanks for your purchase!


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