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Hello Vita, I was looking at your bonuses for …

Written on March 27, 2015 – 6:21 am | by |

Comment posted Keyword Elite 2.0 Review (From a Market Samurai Fan) by Hannibal.

Hello Vita,

I was looking at your bonuses for keyword elite but the review is a year old or so. I'd like to buy KE through you but it's only $97 now not $197. Are you aware of this?



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  1. 29 Responses to “Hello Vita, I was looking at your bonuses for …”

  2. By ktac on Aug 18, 2009 | Reply

    Hai Vita,

    How much this product will cost ? I went thru all your posts regarding keyword Elite but couldn't find the price mentioned anywhere.

    Thank you.

  3. By Vita Vee on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Ktac,

    It's going to cost $197.

    My review is not complete yet, I will try to provide much more information before Keyword Elite 2 gets released in a few days…

    Thank you,
    Vita Vee

  4. By Rudy on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    If I already have the previous version (i.e.Keyword Elite), do I still need to pay for the upgrade to Keyword Elite 2.

    Thank you Vita.

  5. By Vita Vee on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Rudy,

    Very good question. I'm going to send an email to Brad and will keep you informed as soon as I get his reply.

    Will post it here as a comment.

    Vita Vee

  6. By Vita Vee on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Rudy,

    I just got a reply from Brad.

    Since Keyword Elite 2 is a new software and not just un upgrade from Keyword Elite 1 it will not be free for the current users.

    But he told me that he will be mailing out a special coupon code for current customers to get a very hefty discount. Don't know how much though…

    Vita Vee

  7. By Rudy on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    That's great! Really appreciate your quick reply, as always :)

    I guess I just better wait for your complete study case about Keyword Elite 2.0 before I make the decision to buy.

    Again, thanks Vita.


  8. By Vita Vee on Aug 21, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Rudy,

    You're very welcome.

    Hope to publish more info on monday, one day before KE's launch ;)

    Talk soon
    Vita Vee

  9. By Affordable Alan on Aug 25, 2009 | Reply

    I don't care if it's 'new', that's obvious, fact is virtually any decent software company gives a deep discount for existing customers. As an KE1 user that paid full pric, I'm not impressed – nor do I have any coupon.

    The software looks good but so did KE1 and I've had problems with that. I'll hold fire and see if I get a coupon. If not, I'll either put up with KE1 or find a different company.

    Note to Brad – how NOT to build loyalty!

  10. By Gary Gordon on Aug 26, 2009 | Reply

    I don't understand how Brad can say that Keyword Elite v2 is not an upgrade from Keyword Elite v1. Regardless of how much of a re-build it may have gone through or how many new features were added, v1 to v2 is an upgrade. It really puts a bad taste in my mouth to be charged again for the product, when it was my understanding that upgrades were to be free. Unless someone can explain why v1 to v2 (of the same product) is not an upgrade, I really feel this would be a bad decision to not provide this FREE to previous purchasers of KE v1 (of which I am). Hopefully he can reconsider this decision and quickly.

    Gary Gordon

  11. By Vita Vee on Aug 26, 2009 | Reply

    Affordable Alan: Brad already sent an email to KE1 customers. As a customer myself I received it one day before KE2's launch day.

    If you have not received it, you should contact their support desk.

    Gary and Alan, I understand your positions but as a software developer myself I can say that this is really a new software and not just an upgrade. Keyword Elite has become a brand name and that would not be smart from them to NOT use this name for their new keyword research software.

    Kind regards,
    Vita Vee

  12. By Algarve SEO on Aug 28, 2009 | Reply

    Really refreshing to read a review that actually gives me all the information I am after before asking me to buy through your affiliate link. If I do upgrade (and the CPA Magnet module looks like it's worth the upgrade price alone) I'll buy through your link. Thanks a lot for the info.

  13. By Vita Vee on Aug 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Algarve

    Thanks a lot, glad you liked my review and hope to read you soon in my private forum ;)

    Vita Vee

  14. By broad on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply


    Thanks for good review about KE2. well the price is high than the previous one but KE2 have the best features than KE1

  15. By Tiga on Oct 12, 2009 | Reply

    I've been using market samurai and I will say it is good.I also heard a lot of good things about KE2 but a little bit pricy.

  16. By Vita Vee on Oct 13, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Tiga,

    Yes Market Samurai is very good and is the software I was using before I purchased Keyword Elite 2. But from my tests and integration of KE2 into my websites creation pipeline I can tell you that KE2 is more powerful than Market Samurai.

    Maybe you should take a look at my new video series where I show how to use KE2 to build niche/authority websites. My members love this new series and right now I'm giving access free of charge:


    Vita Vee

  17. By buggi on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something humorous and redder can think twice most people are tired of training so hard and still cant get. Great tips!

  18. By Vita Vee on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks Buggi :)

  19. By Mike on Oct 21, 2009 | Reply

    That is really a sad decision on Brad's part when he promised all users free upgrades. Lemme see, I paid him $197, then 9 months later he wants to hit me for another $197?

    Brad would do well to take care of his previous loyal customers rather than hunting for new ones to soak.

  20. By Good Christmas Gifts on Oct 25, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    I've watched some of your video tutorials and to be honest, ur free video tutorials are MUCH MUCH better than MOST of expensive IM products that I've gone thru.May be you should launch your own IM product since your name is very well respected in IM world.

    just my 2cent.

  21. By Vita Vee on Oct 25, 2009 | Reply


    Thanks a lot for your kind words, I'm glad you liked my video training.

    For the readers who don't know what it's all about, it's a video series where I show how to enter competitive markets and build niche/authority websites.

    It's all step by step and for the moment the video series is still free. It can be accessed via my forum (you have to register):

    I have another much more indepth course that I'm going to sell in the near future, you can get information about it here: http://VitaVee.com

    Thanks for your message ;)
    Vita Vee

  22. By adina on Nov 1, 2009 | Reply

    I bought this about a month ago (I am kicking myself for not having seen your review earlier, as I would have loved the bonus package)and it really is a useful piece of software.

    I wonder how I managed without it.

  23. By Vita Vee on Nov 1, 2009 | Reply

    Adina, even if you didn't purchase through me, maybe you should watch my video training in my forum. I'm showing how to use Keyword Elite 2 effectively for creating authority websites:

    http://vitavee.com/forums/forum-31.html (You need to create an account as the videos are for members only)

  24. By adina on Nov 6, 2009 | Reply

    Wow Thank you Vita Vee. I am going right over there now!

  25. By Vita Vee on Nov 6, 2009 | Reply

    You're welcome Adina ;)

  26. By Kacey on Oct 13, 2010 | Reply

    Hi! Does Elite filter by phrase match, i.e., broad, phrase, exact?

  27. By Vita Vee on Oct 14, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Kacey

    You have this information in the "Market Research" module but it's not really a filter.

    It's 3 tabs that allow you to see the search volume for those 3 match types.

    Vita Vee

  28. By Hannibal on Oct 26, 2010 | Reply

    Hello Vita,

    I was looking at your bonuses for keyword elite but the review is a year old or so. I'd like to buy KE through you but it's only $97 now not $197. Are you aware of this?



  29. By Vita Vee on Oct 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hello Hannibal

    Thanks for asking. Yes I'm aware of this and I still offer my bonus.


  30. By Benoit Gravel on Dec 9, 2010 | Reply

    HI, i recently purchase Keyword elite 2.0. This software seems great. As you said, it's simple to use and easy to anderstand. But right now, i have a big problem. I don't know who to make profit with this software even if i have a supplier. I mabee need more explanation. I anderstand the fact that Keyword elite Gives you plenty of websites but what is the next step?? I'm already affiliate with a supplier (and unfortunatly he didn't want me to tell his corporation name at all) So i can't plug it directly but i can surely subscribe customers myself to this supplier website, then, those customers will next be able to purchase what they want on my suppliers website. Anyone have an idea for me what to do???

    feel free to answer me at : benoitgravel23@hotmail.com

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