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AffiloBlueprint 2.0 Review & Killer Bonuses

Written on April 20, 2009 – 7:52 am | by Vita Vee |

This page is an AffiloBlueprint 2 Review from a REAL MEMBER (PROOF BELOW). Click below if you're looking for:

Here is the video proof that I'm a real member of AffiloBlueprint:

AffiloBlueprint 2.0 Members Area

The AffiloBlueprint 2.0 Course is a new upgraded release of Mark Ling's popular affiliate training program. Mark and his Affilorama team have updated their program for the changes that have taken place in internet marketing field over the past few years.

The new program has been re-recorded and updated for 2009 so Mark could include information on the newer and more advanced techniques used by today's top affiliates. There are over 40 individual lessons and 10 software tools designed to make your life easier and more productive available as part of the program. It now includes a monthly magazine as well as the membership site.

The program offers an extensive library of step by step videos designed so you can watch them in one window while following along in another. It is great for people who like the hands on approach to learning rather than just reading.

So what is the focus of the program?

AffiloBlueprint 2 is designed to teach you how to set up an affiliate web site to make money online by participating in the most popular online affiliate networks like Clickbank. Since Mark is a super affiliate, earning millions a year, he has developed this system to earn his own living so it isn't just rehashing what he has read in other affiliate marketing courses.

The original AffilioBlueprint was a very well written program that could make it possible for you to implement a system to consistently make money as an affiliate. Unlike many of the updates I've seen this one actually is a major improvement over the original…and that was a good program. The material has been updated and condensed into an easy to follow format.

The Program

The videos are split into a 12 week program that includes all of the following topics in a step by step easy to follow method:

  • Week 1 covers the basics of market research such as finding a profitable niche to work. Then it explains what keywords are, why you need to use them, how to find the best ones to use by doing the proper kind of background research.
  • Week 2 explains how to get content for your site and gives you a basic template for writing successful articles. It also shows you where to get ready made content and how to use it to drive traffic to your website.
  • Week 3 provides a complete tutorial on how to set up your website, the best way to select domain names, what to look for in a web host and how to use either XsitePro or WordPress to create your website. He includes training on how to either add the articles directly into WordPress or upload them to your XsitePro website
  • Week 4 covers how to customize your website design by explaining how to work with WordPress themes. He shows you how to create a new header in Paint and then how to include that new header in your wordpress theme as well as how to layout your article pages.
  • Week 5 introduces the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) covering such topics as on-page optimization, how to write product reviews and how to use the reviews to drive traffic to your website.
  • Week 6 continues the SEO training by discussing methods of off-page SEO optimizations such as link building, directory submissions and article marketing
  • Week 7 explains when and how to use newsletters to build a relationship with your customers. It covers topics like using Aweber to automate newsletter delivery, how to add a sign up box for you newsletter to your website, basic newsletter strategies and how to layout an attractive and functional newsletter, how to create thank you pages and how to create redirects for those using XsitePro
  • Week 8 introduces web 2.0 marketing strategies such as how to use Squidoo and Twitter, the "Money Pages" backlink strategy, what RSS is and why you should use it to drive traffic to your website
  • Week 9 introduces the use of Google Analytics for tracking your visitor's activities on your web site and which of the methods you are using are getting the most click throughs to your affiliate products and alos what popovers are and when to use them.
  • Week 10 introduces Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, how to do keyword research for your affiliate products, how to use Traffic Travis to find profitable keywords for PPC, how to set up an AdWords account and then create your first marketing campaign.
  • Week 11 continues the PPC training covering topics like how to create landing pages for PPC, how to write effective PPC ads and then how to launch your advertising campaign
  • Week 12 continues the PPC saga discussing more advanced marketing techniques such as conversion tracking, split-testing ads, bidding strategies, how to use content networks, using PPC networks other than google and many other strategies on how and where to promote your affiliate products

My Impressions

After watching the videos I think this course is a must have program for newbies. Starting from week 7, it could also be useful to more experienced marketers.

There is not a lot of new or earth shattering information but there is a very good step by step methodology that is pretty bullet proof. Put simply, if you follow the steps, you will start to make money as an affiliate as long as you do the initial research properly to find a hungry marketing niche filled with people who are both willing and able to buy the products you are promoting.

Mark doesn't seem to have left anything out, he starts from scratch and goes through the entire process from designing and building a website, creating the site graphics, laying out the articles, doing the search engine optimization, setting up his PPC campaign, etc…and he did it all in front of the camera to let you watch what he was actually doing.

In addition, Mark has set up a forum that should provide all the technical support anyone needs because it lets you discuss what you are doing and any problems you encounter with other students and the affilorama team. He is also offering bonus interviews and several really good software tools on the membership that are worth having.

My Conclusion

If you want to make money online selling affiliate products, but don't know where to start or you've started but not been successful, this is a very good program and definitely worth checking out. BUT Don't purchase it without my AffiloBlueprint 2.0 Bonus

Affilo Blueprint 2 Bonus

Massive bonus package – 6 Killer Bonuses for those who will act fast.

Click on the image below to have a detailed description of my massive AffiloBlueprint Bonus package.

Affilo Blueprint bonus component 1

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  1. 4 Responses to “AffiloBlueprint 2.0 Review & Killer Bonuses”

  2. By liza on Aug 10, 2009 | Reply

    Affiloblueprint 2.0 is the most comprehensive and impressive IM package i've bought.

  3. By ktac on Aug 18, 2009 | Reply

    Yes, I've bought the product.Very well presented and I strongly recommend this product for whoever interested in IM.If you are newbies, just learn and focus on the tutorials/methods outlined by Mark Ling step by step and you won't get lost.
    From that, you could explore in more detail and be more creative.

  4. By neokanobi on Dec 17, 2009 | Reply


    I liked your review of the Affiliate Blueprint 2 and I have a few question as a newbie.

    1) did you have prior experience before doing the couse ?

    2) How long it took you to start make money after you implemented all the info Mark taught ?

    3) How are you doing now and can you see yourself living out of your affiliate sites, no more 8 to 5 jobs ?



  5. By Vita Vee on Dec 18, 2009 | Reply

    Hello Neo

    Thanks for your comment. About your questions:

    1/ Yes I already had experience before, actually I was already a full-time affiliate.

    2/ I didn't implement all the info available in Affiloblueprint 2, instead I'm following my own method. But the basic principles are the same.
    Concerning the time before making money with an affiliate site it all depends on the niche you chose and on the keywords you pick. I have experienced profits within 24 hours of setting up a site to no profits at all for other projects.

    3/ It's already the case – I'm working from home on my affiliate sites and I have no other job anymore (I used to be a game developer in the past).

    Kind regards
    Vita Vee

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