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Commission Blueprint 2 Review

Written on August 22, 2008 – 6:08 am | by Vita Vee |

This page is a Commission Blueprint 2 Review. Click below if you're looking for:

The long awaited 2nd version of Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton's Commission Blueprint, will be released on September 9, 2009.

There are 10 modules in CB2 and each module is presented in the following way:

If you remember Commission Blueprint 1, you know that there was nothing revolutionary about the product. It was very good don't take me wrong but like many other products it was designed to show you how to earn money by promoting Clickbank products. Of course, it did break Clickbank's all time sales record. As a result, Clickbank did a case study on the product and concluded that Commission Blueprint was a real system for making money with affiliate marketing.

While the original version had what was basically commonly available information, it was laid out in an easy to understand and follow manner as well as being easy to implement. It really did take you by the hand and provide step by step training.

So, what's new in Commission Blueprint 2?

It is a product designed to help you take your existing online business and grow it into a 5 or even a 6 figure business. It's doesn't have any magic bullets and you can't make money by watching television, but if you follow the directions and use the tools that Tim and Steve provide, you can grow your business and make quite a lot of money.

Commission Blueprint 2 will show you how to:

  • Get a web site in the top 5 positions on Google
  • How to avoid the Google slap permanently
  • How to make money with Clickbank
  • How to make money with Commission Junction
  • How to make money with CPA networks
  • How to make money with Amazon

It also comes with a great assortment of software tools such as

  • Ad Spy
  • Keyword Blueprint
  • Article Blueprint
  • Site Builder
  • Hippo Jaw
  • Serpy Tool

Another great feature is that it provides lessons on how to use CPA networks and Tim and Steve even help you get associated with one of them. Commission Blueprint 2 also focuses more on how to get traffic through other methods such as article marketing and using social media instead of just presenting adwords as a traffic source.

What Comes With It?

Commission Blueprint 2 is a collection of 23 written manuals, 40 videos and many software tools and templates which includes the following content:

Module 1 – Welcome & Introduction

  • Video 1: an introduction which breaks down the entire course and each module's components.

Module 2 – Keyword Research

This module contains seven videos, a printed manual and two software tools including:

  • Video 1 – using Keyword Blueprint and Market Samurai for keyword research
  • Video 2 – using Keyword Blueprint for SEO research
  • Video 3 – using Keyword Blueprint for Google Adwords research
  • Video 4 – how to use Market Samurai for research
  • Video 5 – how to use Google Trends and Ebay Pulse and other keyword research methods
  • Video 6 – how to use the Spy Tool
  • Video 7 – how to use Keyword Blueprint
  • Manual 1 – case studies on using Market Samurai and Article Blueprint for keyword research
  • Keyword Blueprint software
  • Ad Spy software

Module 3 – Finding Offers

This module contains three videos including:

  • Video 1 – how to find offers to promote products as an affiliate
  • Video 2 – how to select and use affiliate management companies
  • Video 3 – the Picking Offer Calculator software tool

Module 4 – Building Converting Sites

This module contains two videos, six printed manuals and a software tool including:

  • Video 1 – how to build  converting sites
  • Video 2 – how to use the Site Blueprint Tool
  • Manual 1 -case studies on setting up websites
  • Manual 2 – how to use Hubpages
  • Manual 3 – how to use Zimbo
  • Manual 4 – how to use WordPress
  • Manual 5 – how to use Squidoo
  • Manual 6 – how to use the Site Builder Tool
  • Site Builder software tool

Module 5 – Affiliate Sales and Conversions

This module contains six videos including:

  • Video 1 – an introduction to affiliate sales
  • Manual 1 – how to use Landing Pages
  • Manual 2 – using the IP Method
  • Manual 3 – using the Double Selling Method
  • Manual 4 – how to do Product Launches
  • Manual 5 – using the Riding the Trends Method
  • Manual 6 – CPA conversion strategies

Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This module contains eight videos, four printed manuals and two software tools including:

  • Video 1 – an introduction to SEO concepts
  • Video 2 – using on page SEO methods
  • Video 3 – how to build links
  • Video 4 – examples of link building
  • Video 5 – link building strategies
  • Video 6 – how to use the Article Blueprint software
  • Video 7 – creating a PR Link Farm
  • Video 8 – using Google Analytics, the Serpy tool, and Cpanel for tracking
  • Manual 1 – The Link Building Process
  • Manual 2 – On page SEO checklist
  • Manual 3 – Link Building Case Studies
  • Manual 4 -Article Blueprint User Manual
  • The Serpy software Tool
  • Article Blueprint software

Module 7 – Adwords and PPC

This module contains six videos, a printed manual and one software tool including:

  • Video 1 – PPC Overview
  • Video 2 – building AdWords Campaigns
  • Video 3 – Hhow to use WordPress Direct
  • Video 4 – keyword bidding and optimization
  • Video 5 – how to use Hippo Jaw and Winner alert for Tracking
  • Video 6 – YouTube PPC
  • Manual – Adwords brand bidding method
  • Hippo Jaw software

Module 8 – Article Marketing and Social Media

This module contains two videos and three printed manuals including:

  • Video 1 – an introduction to Article Marketing and Social Media
  • Video 2 – getting Social Media Traffic
  • Manual 1 – how to use Article Marketing
  • Manual 2 – Article Marketing Case Studies
  • Manual 3 – how to use Scribd with case studies

Module 9 – Email Marketing and List Building

This module contains one videos and one printed manual including:

  • Video – an introduction and overview to email marketing and list building.
  • Manual – how to use list building and email with case studies

Module 10 – Conclusion

This module contains one video that sums up the entire training program and recommends what to do next.

  • Video 1 – Conclusion and moving forward


If you are willing to follow all of the directions and put in sufficient time and effort working the program, you will start making money and if you persist long enough you can make a full time income online selling affiliate products. If that describes something you are willing to do, then you need to get Commission Blueprint 2 so you can start making money.

Click Here To Go To The Official Website


Click Here To Get Commission Blueprint 2 Platinum Edition Bonus Package For The Same Price as The Standard Version

Today I had the opportunity to review a new product in prelaunch called Commission Blueprint that was created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. It is a training program about how to maximize affiliate profits using Clickbank and Google Adwords. The authors of the course state that their course "is a no-holds barred step by step course showing every last secret we know".

The product consists of a one time $77 charge for 14 videos and at least three ebooks that provide more details and examples of some of the more technical material discussed in the videos.

The second part of the product is a $67 a month membership site that the authors promise will continue to provide more training on the topic as well as many other resources that will be made available to members such as templates and sample pages for marketing campaigns. A $4.95 trial membership is being offered as an upsell to anyone who purchases the video package.

The Creators

Steve Clayton is an expert on marketing and technology and was a VP for a Fortune 500 company in Burlington, NC and currently manages over a million dollars in Adwords campaigns each year.

Tim Godfrey is an internet marketer that has been successful in the health and golf niches and ran a very profitable online gambling website.

Commission Blueprint: The Product

The 14 videos are narrated by Steve Clayton. In all there are over three hours of video that explains how Steve has become a super affiliate with Clickbank. The products claims to be step by step training in how to find the best Clickbank products and what you need to do to milk the products for all they are worth.

Steve got off to a slow start but once he did get going, he provided a lot of useful information on the following topics:

Keyword Research

  • How to pick four to six products and test them for profitably
  • How to avoid making the costly mistakes of paying too much for Adwords and lose money rather than make a profit
  • Explained how to read and understand all of the statistics that Clickbank provides
  • Defined the terms Clickbank gravity, cost per click, conversion rate, commission payout and click inventory then explained why they are important
  • Showed how to use a spreadsheet that is part of the product to decide if a product is worth marketing and explained what number combinations make a product worth pursuing
  • Demonstrated tools that he uses for keyword research
  • Provided a formula to determine which keywords are profitable and how much you should pay for them
  • Performed a step by step demonstration on how to do keyword research and use Google Adwords statistics to analyze them to determine which one are most likely to be profitable for you to use
  • Showed how to estimate the amount of traffic for a given keyword using google's free tools

Domain Names and Hosting

  • Steve explained why you need a domain name and what factors you should consider when selecting one such as length and demonstrated a few tools to help you choose good keywords
  • Explained the best type of web hosting to buy to make running your business easier
  • Explained how to use domain names in your Adwords ads
  • Demonstrated how to set up the correct DNS server for your domain name

Creating Landing Pages for Adwords Campaigns

  • Explained how to set up landing pages and what you need to do to get a good quality score from google and how to create a page that will sell your product
  • Explained how to make sure there is sufficient continuity between the Adwords ad, the search term, the story you are telling and the offer made by the Clickbank product and why it is important

Managing Adwords Campaigns

  • Explained how to use the Adwords information in combination with the data from Clickbank to manage your keyword ad campaigns for profitability
  • Demonstrated how to determine which keywords are not converting well enough to prevent losing money
  • Explained why you need to use Adwords Editor
  • Showed how to optimize your ad position and click through rate

Scaling Your Affiliate Business

  • Explained how to scale your business (how to increase your daily commissions)
  • Discussed the methods that have proven successful for increasing your earnings as your campaign matures
  • Demonstrated how to optimize your bids to increase profitability
  • Discussed when it's time to move your ad campaign over to both Yahoo and MSN
  • Discussed when it makes sense to do offline advertising
  • Discussed when to use email campaigns or JV with other marketers
  • Discussed when to start using SEO for you campaigns
  • Discussed when to use opt in pages
  • Explained how to create Thank You pages

Cash Flow

  • Explained how Clickbank pays out its commissions so you know how to budget your money to pay for your Adwords campaign and made several recommendations on how to manage your budget
  • Explained why you need to get a tax advisor and/or an accountant to prevent problems with the IRS if you live in the USA

What I Liked

Overall the information was well organized and presented in a logical order. Videos 3 through 14 contained a great deal of useful information in a reasonable amount of detail. I was also provided with three templates. All three were simple but attractive and the optin page template was quite professional which will definitely make setting up pages easier for a novice or a somewhat technologically challenged marketer.

What I Didn't Like

Steve got off to a very slow start and spent a lot of time talking about stuff that was really of no interest to me and didn't relate to his product. In short he talks too much. For example, it took him almost 10 minutes to say that this is not really a beginner's product and some basic knowledge is necessary.

He spent the first two videos on fluff such as the viewer shouldn't be scared, etc…etc. If the product was not designed for beginners, why waste time with all the reassurance stuff. He reminded me someone who is just rattling off because they are nervous and not sure what to say.

Most people are very busy and don't need to spend an extra unnecessary hour or so watching these videos. Unlike printed material, you can't just skim over the unnecessary parts.

In addition, video 1 and video 5 terminated before he was actually finished talking. He was cut off in mid sentence. Do keep in mind that what I was given access to is a prelaunch version so it may just be that they haven't worked out all of the technical hiccups yet.


If they cut out the unnecessary time wasting material and fix the technical glitches in the two videos, Commission Blueprint is an excellent product that will benefit anyone trying to get an affiliate sales business up and running. The templates provided are good and designed to use the information presented in the videos. One is for a review page, one for a sales letter and two optin pages. The optin page that allows you to put your own video online is especially helpful to the technologically challenged. While the membership site promises more training and great resources, I will need to defer comment until it actually becomes available. Click here to purchase Commission Blueprint at the best price.

I'm also offering the best Commission Blueprint Bonus online. You should take advantage of it before I decide to remove it

Niche Blueprint and the latest Niche Blueprint 2 are also products from Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. Niche Blueprint is targeting ecommerce and not affiliate marketing so it is very different from Commission Blueprint.

Various companies have tried promoting their products with online marketing but only some have been successful and rest others have tasted failure. The reason why failure is caused is because planning is not done correctly and the internet marketing campaign is also not properly designed. If you have the tricks to make the marketing strategy work for your profits then you can be successful. The tips mentioned here can be helpful for you.

Initial guideline is to create a good site that can lead you to the path of success. Your sites will be popular among the users if the pattern of your website is convincing and is attractive to the visitors.

One of the crucial parts of email marketing is delivering the emails correctly. The reason here is that there are so many emails sent each day but then most of the times maximum of them do not get delivered due to spam. Thus it is important that you emphasize on correct delivery of your emails. With this achieving the benefits with internet marketing campaign becomes easier.

If you set up high targets and keep analyzing the results you may be getting from it then it is highly possible that you can get motivated and reach the targets. What ever results you may have got will be very crucial for you as with them you can know how far you are from your target.

As people on the web do not have much time to spend over long ads it is important that you have good and short ads and this will serve good for most of the readers. So don’t give your prospects a mountain of information; give them the information they want which should be brief and to the point. Only if you are asked to provide some extra information on a specific topic or details then it should be given.

Fifth point to be kept in mind is that transfer your attention directly to the prime fact of the whole thing. Remember that if users do not understand your ad, you will fail to reach out to them your message. This would lead you to failure. Users will not entertain such ads and will transfer there interest to the next one. Emphasize the significant points and make them understand there pros.

Be Honest: People seem to be very wise while buying any product and they smell any fake claim soon. Thus you need make sure you are not misjudging the readers while you are marketing. Be true in whatever you may be promoting.

Use Video: You can also use successful online marketing campaign through videos. Display your product features and benefits in these videos for better understanding. It really works!

These are some of the things that you need to remember but there are many more which you need to consider. Prior to beginning web marketing it s beneficial for you to select the strategy that you would like to work on and then learn more about it. It is very important for you to focus one thing and not too many things. Avoid sending mails forcibly to the consumers. More than this you need to make it very simple for the consumers to leave your mails if they desire not subscribing your mails. One more thing that you need to ensure is you do not sent many mails continuously and bother them. In case you are looking forward to lot of audience to your website one thing that you need to ensure is that your advertisements are very easy and attractive. An aspect that plays a very significant role is thorough examination and setting budget well in advance to initiate the internet marketing campaign. Therefore by following all this you will be a winner in internet marketing and that a lot of traffic will be diverted to your site. Don't forget to check Commission Blueprint for an affiliate marketing blueprint.

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  1. 20 Responses to “Commission Blueprint 2 Review”

  2. By nizam ali on Oct 9, 2008 | Reply

    Hi there.
    I am unemployed and desire to do some business from home through the internet.Problem is I am not easily motivated to do anything. Can you help?

  3. By Vita Vee on Oct 10, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Nizam,

    I'm sorry to say this, but without motivation, dedication and persistent work, I'm afraid you won't be able to make money on the internet.

    As any other business, it requires work.


  4. By jill schlueter on Oct 14, 2008 | Reply

    I enjoyed your review on the CB series. I my not well versed in the internet jargon and think CB will be over my head.I purchased Ewin's super affiliate program and opted out because it was equally difficult for me to understand. Can you recommend a product/course that my bring in cash that is easier to understand. Also, have you heard of Mike Dillard,s Magnetic Sponsoring? Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance, Jill Schlueter

  5. By FaridSulaiman.com on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks for the great review about the product, I had try doing CB last 4 month ago but still loss USD100 and no sales. I would like to view this product.

  6. By Stan on Feb 18, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    I read over your review and am very interested in Commission Blueprint. I would definitely want to earn an extra income online. Before I go ahead with the purchase, here are some questions I have for you.

    1. When they mentioned about those sales figures such as $109,151 every month, how much advertising costs on adwords would I expect to pay in order to earn this revenue using the methods taught on the product? I mean, the sales figures are great but can the methods ensure that my advertising costs on adwords would be lower than the revenue being generated? This is a simple question and yet so important.

    2. When Steven and Tim mentioned that the methods being sneaky and tricky, does that mean that eventually google will find out about it and won't allow this method to continue? I am asking this because I want to develop a long term income with Internet Marketing and not just to earn some quick cash. Also, will the methods be used so competitively that eventually they won't work?

    3. No offense but I am very curious on why you decide to sell this product(Commision Blueprint) instead of using the methods to earn affiliate incomes from other clickbank products. Afterall, Steven&Tim mentioned that internet marketing is not the niche where the money is coming from but this is exactly where you are marketing now.

    4. If I go forward in using your methods to do this affiliate business, do you think I have any competitive advantage given the fact I reside in Hong Kong and know Chinese?

    Thanks in advances for your help. I do have some background on internet marketing having done some online business few years ago but I had trouble controlling my advertising cost. Anyway, look forward to hear from you.


  7. By Vita Vee on Feb 18, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Stan,

    I understand your concerns and I'm going to try to give you the details you are asking for.

    1/ I don't know how much THEY paid for their advertisings to generate this kind of money. They didn't talk about it. From my experience, what you can expect in general is that for many of your promotions you will NOT be profitable. This is why it is important to have a blueprint to follow, as you may have heard, it's mainly a numbers game. You promote several offers, one after the other until you find one that is converting for you. You then scale up this campaign to send as much traffic as you can to increase your profits. For some campaigns you might expect a 2:1 ratio or 2 dollars earned per dollar invested. For some other campaigns you might reach 10:1 ratio or 1.1:1 ratio. It all depends on the following pipeline: Your keyword -> Your AD -> Your landing page if any -> The sales page conversion ratio. If you find the perfect combination you will make nice profits. If something doesn't work well in your pipeline you might get some profits but most likely you will have a non performing campaign. With Commission Blueprint you will maximize your chances to create those perfect pipelines.

    2/ No you don't take any risk with Google if you follow their sneaky methods. They don't break Google rules.

    3/ Internet marketing is just one of the markets I'm working in. But I'm also involved in other markets like the health market, luxuries, apparels, culture, entertainment, sports, education, careers, mind power, pets, webmasters etc… That being said, I don't agree with them when they say that Internet Marketing is not where the money is being made. Of course it is a much smaller market than weight loss for example, but a ton of money is being made in the Internet Marketing field every days.

    4/ Honestly I don't know. Advertising in your own language for your countries could help but I'm not sure. The fact is you will face more competition in the USA, without any doubt, but there are also tons of offers to promote. Myself I am french and living in France. But I don't promote anything here in France because of the lack of interesting offers.

    Hope this helps,

    Vita Vee

  8. By Laurie on Mar 2, 2009 | Reply

    Hi your review on commission blueprint sounds great…I especially liked your keyword tracker tool bonus…so in commission blueprint's course do they mention anything about a keyword tracker tool and how to use it…and is this something extra you have to buy…is this tool like keyword elite.

  9. By Vita Vee on Mar 2, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Laurie,

    Yes they do recommend to purchase a program called Speed PPC but this software is really expensive. $397 or $497 depending on the version you choose.

    But Speed PPC is more than a keyword tracking software. It helps to solve a lot of problems like:

    - High cost per click
    - Poor quality score
    - Low click through rate on your ads
    - Low conversion rates
    - Tracking to the keyword level

    And it does all this EXTREMELY quickly so instead of spending 4 hours for example to setup a new campaign you only spend 20 minutes.

    The official website is : http://speedppc.com

    Maybe I will write a review about this product but it's quite expensive and out of reach for many people.

    So if you're on a budget I recommend using my keyword tracker bonus along with Commission Blueprint. It won't help you to create your campaigns faster but it will show you which keywords are costing you money and which ones are bringing in some profits.

    Hope this helps,
    Vita Vee

  10. By Laurie on Mar 2, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita Vee,

    thanks for your reply…yes I checked out speed ppc and it is very pricey but I guess it does a great job.

    Anyhow I'm looking at ppc ninja and it sounds awesome a lot of folks on the warrior forum give it a good rating but its a lot more pricey than commission blueprint

    do you know anything about it…there's not many promoting it so no big bonuses offered at the moment.


  11. By Vita Vee on Mar 3, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Laurie,

    I don't know anything about PPC Ninja yet.
    I will try to test it and review it as soon as possible.

    If you want to know when my review gets published just subscribe to my newsletter (top-right of this page).

    Thanks for letting me know about it.
    Vita Vee

  12. By Vita Vee on Mar 18, 2009 | Reply

    Quick update: I have just published my review of PPC Ninja.

  13. By kishor on Sep 9, 2009 | Reply

    Hi guys

    How can I promote Commission Blueprint as an affiliate

    I cannot find the product on Clickbank even though I bought from Clickbank itself



  14. By Vita Vee on Sep 9, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Kishor,

    Commission Blueprint 2 is sold via clickbank but to become an affiliate it's on invitation only.

    It differs from the other clickbank products.

    Kind regards
    Vita Vee

  15. By Trips on Sep 9, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,
    I have heard things about Adwords, Adsense, and even PPC. I have no experience what so ever with these things. I want to free up time for myself, and create more opportunities for myself. I know this isn't a get rich quick program. What would be a good program to start out with. I want the knowledge to be able to go on the computer anytime i wish and generate some income. I've been trying for years now to find a product to help me achieve that goal, but it seems most of the products i've tried only try to upsell you, or leave out important information that is valuable to your success. I make $200 hundered dollars a week right now. My goal is $4000 my first month and hopefully doubling that will I have to spend a lot in advertising in order to achieve my goal?

  16. By Vita Vee on Sep 10, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Trips,

    Vita Vee is on a holiday & he will be back on the 26th of September…

    Now coming to your question. Once you learn how to drive FREE traffic to your sites, you don't have to spend money on advertising :)

    If you have any other question, please feel free to post it at Vita Vee Internet Marketing Forum

    Kind Regards,

  17. By Vita Vee on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Oh BTW I'm back from holidays for a few weeks now… Just wanted to drop this comment here ;)

    Vita Vee

  18. By Mark on Dec 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita Vee

    Thanks for the review and video.

    I would like to know if Commission Blueprint 2.0 is suitable for me, especially since I am a COMPLETE NEWBIE and have had mixed experiences with other IM products/services I have looked at.

    To give you an example of my level and learning style here is what I have tried so far and my ability to apply it:
    * Wealthy Affiliates – I joined WA in October and have read and written down as much as I can, but I am still lost. There are +5000 memebers with +5000 different methods and opinions. While it has its place in my IM learning plan, it is not a very efficient way to learn or get an IM business up, running and profitable asap, especially for a newbie. I really appreciate all the info and support, but it is learning by trial and error, which is not for me.
    * One Week Marketing – I purchased PotPieGirl's OWM because it was described as a "paint by numbers" approach, but unfortunately it is not. It is a broad outline of the methods used by PPG. It is a move in the right direction for me, as it is a step by step plan, but the actions are still beyond me at this stage as I am continually forced to go beyond the OWM material to figure out how to action each step. Again it is not an efficient way for me to do things.
    * Learn It Step By Step – LISBS is a supplemental breakdown of OWM that presents each step in OWM in baby steps, with simple tasks that are simply & fully explained. The OWM weekly plan is expanded to bite sized bits that are taught over a 2 month time frame. This is the level I am at BUT many of the tasks like Keyword research are still very labor intensive, inefficient and hit & miss (there is not much science behind them).
    * Market Samurai – Even though it is not a "complete" system/plan, I have learnt more from the Market Samurai video tutorials than from anything else (this helped me to understand that I learn much quicker & efficently via video than text).

    This brings me to Commission Blueprint 2.0 and researching if it is a solution to my problem. I am after a system/method that has the following:
    * efficient and effective
    * has a very clear and easy to follow plan, with actionable steps that a complete newbie can follow
    * breaks each task down step by step, mouse click by mouse click (preferably with video tutorials)
    * presents the information in a systematic way, only giving the user enough info to get each task done, to help avoid information overload & confusion
    * proven track record ($ in my pocket), especially with newbies

    Any help appreciated



  19. By Vita Vee on Dec 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your message.

    I was also a member of wealthy affiliate in the past.
    It was a good membership but IMHO not organized well enough to take a newbie from 0 to profits in the fastest possible way.

    CB2 is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers. They have organized the information and blueprints in order of "difficulty", or sort of. As you can see on one of the screenshots above, each video or ebook is labelled with a B, I or E to indicate if it is for Beginners, Intermediate marketers or Experts.

    As a beginner, you would start by reading and watching this "B" content.

    CB2 is a very good product but if you're looking for (let me cite you):

    I am after a system/method that has the following:
    * efficient and effective
    * has a very clear and easy to follow plan, with actionable steps that a complete newbie can follow
    * breaks each task down step by step, mouse click by mouse click (preferably with video tutorials)
    * presents the information in a systematic way, only giving the user enough info to get each task done, to help avoid information overload & confusion
    * proven track record ($ in my pocket), especially with newbies

    Then this is not the case with CB2. Mainly the step by step, mouse click by mouse click part.

    If this is what you are looking for, "From 0 To Profits" is exactly that. I might be a little bit biased because this is my product but if you want to know what other people, newbies as well as advanced marketers, think about my video training, then you should read this forum thread:


    There are, at the time of writing this comment, 22 pages of comments and not one single negative post. All the people who followed my training love it. Recently one of my students who never made money online made $10,000 profits in 7 days from free traffic.

    It's in page 19 of the thread above, here exactly:

    But if you have some time I really suggest that you read the whole thread (yes the 22 pages) ;)

    Here is the link again:

    I'm going to open the doors in a few days to about 100 new students. If you're interested please join the waiting list here: http://vitavee.com

    Kind regards
    Vita Vee

  20. By Brenna on Dec 26, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Vita,

    I heard that CB2 was only available for a limited tie and is now off the market. Is that true? I was really close to buying, so what a shame if it is.

    If it is still available, is your bonus package also available still?

    Brenna Jay

  21. By Vita Vee on Dec 27, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Brenna,

    That's not correct, CB2 is still available but you first have to fill in your name and email address on their home page then you will get redirected to the sales page.

    My bonus package is still available too ;)

    Kind regards
    Vita Vee

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