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Hey Everyone I didn't update this review for quite …

Written on March 28, 2015 – 4:17 pm | by |

Comment posted SEOLinkVine Bonus (SEO LinkVine PLATINUM Edition) by Vita Vee.

Hey Everyone

I didn't update this review for quite a long time now.

As of today I would rather recommend people to subscribe to MAN instead of SEOLinkVine. Your articles will be broadcasted to more blogs more quickly. Things have changed a bit…

Vita Vee also commented

  • Hey Chris,

    SEOLinkVine is better. It posts to more blogs and you can submit an article faster than with AMA or MAN.

    I like the fact that you can select multiple categories at once – you can't do this with AMA or MAN.

    @Eric The members of the Ultra Spinnable Articles service all receive the same articles. But these articles give unique variations to everyone thanks to the very high level of spinning.


  • You're welcome & thanks for the purchase.

    Access details sent via email ;)

    Talk soon,

  • Hi Eddie,

    With IM related articles it's very very easy to link to any niche.

    Let's say that you have an article about "article marketing" for example.

    You could easily add a transition sentence like this:

    When submitting your articles to the different article directories you have to make sure that you select the right category. You wouldn't want to submit your article related to YOUR NICHE KEYWORD HERE to the "family" category for example…

    I'm not a good writer but you get the idea.

    I have several members who are using those IM articles to promote niche websites with great success (top rankings).

    They do exactly what I described above – they add transition sentences.

    So this is not theory, it works very well.

    And of course I do it myself too for niche sites that have nothing to do with IM.


  • Hi Hsien,

    Thanks, email sent :)


  • Hi Red,

    Yes this is still the case. The current membership is only about IM. But like I wrote in the Warrior Forum (I think you are Red Hat?) you can use those articles to promote any niche topic. I have recorded a video to show how that is available in the members area.


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    Hey Jack

    Did you try to contact their support desk: http://www.affiliateclassroom.com/eSupport/

    If they don't reply to you you can always contact your credit card company and ask for a chargeback.

    But try to contact their support desk first.

    Kind Regards
    Vita Vee

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    Hi Yoshinori Yoshikawa

    I just sent you the access details.

    Thanks for your purchase!


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    Hello Hannibal

    Thanks for asking. Yes I'm aware of this and I still offer my bonus.


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    Hi Moteto

    Thanks for your purchase through my link, I appreciate it a lot :)

    The answers to your questions are in my "From 0 To Profits" video course. But at the time of writing this there are only 2 spots left before I close the doors (that's not a marketing "trick" – ie a lie)

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    Hi Kacey

    You have this information in the "Market Research" module but it's not really a filter.

    It's 3 tabs that allow you to see the search volume for those 3 match types.

    Vita Vee

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