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HI, i recently purchase Keyword elite 2.0. This …

Written on March 29, 2015 – 6:21 am | by |

Comment posted Keyword Elite 2.0 Review (From a Market Samurai Fan) by Benoit Gravel.

HI, i recently purchase Keyword elite 2.0. This software seems great. As you said, it's simple to use and easy to anderstand. But right now, i have a big problem. I don't know who to make profit with this software even if i have a supplier. I mabee need more explanation. I anderstand the fact that Keyword elite Gives you plenty of websites but what is the next step?? I'm already affiliate with a supplier (and unfortunatly he didn't want me to tell his corporation name at all) So i can't plug it directly but i can surely subscribe customers myself to this supplier website, then, those customers will next be able to purchase what they want on my suppliers website. Anyone have an idea for me what to do???

feel free to answer me at : benoitgravel23@hotmail.com

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